Silver Talk

SilverTalk is a telephone befriending service delivered through Karbon Homes that is offered to Karbon and non-Karbon tenants. The service is set up to help relieve loneliness and social isolation.

Trained volunteers provide a weekly social chat for up to 30 minutes. Volunteers and service users build up trusting relationships and both parties find the telephone calls rewarding and beneficial.

As well as a weekly chat, volunteers are able to signpost service users to other agencies and activities in their area.

Active opportunities

Silver Talk Volunteer

Ferryhill   Weardale   Bishop Auckland   Spennymoor   Sedgefield   Peterlee   Seaham   Consett   Crook/Willington   Chester le Street   Teesdale   Newton Aycliffe   Stanley   Volunteering from Home   Durham City  
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      {  _id:  '10092',
          name:  'Silver  Talk',
          email:  '',
          type:  'Other  Not  For  Profit',
          telephone:  '0191  2238486',
          contactPerson:  'Christine  Fletcher',
          website:  '',
            'SilverTalk  is  a  telephone  befriending  service  delivered  through  Karbon  Homes  that  is  offered  to  Karbon  and  non-Karbon  tenants.  The  service  is  set  up  to  help  relieve  loneliness  and  social  isolation.\n\nTrained  volunteers  provide  a  weekly  social  chat  for  up  to  30  minutes.  Volunteers  and  service  users  build  up  trusting  relationships  and  both  parties  find  the  telephone  calls  rewarding  and  beneficial.\n\nAs  well  as  a  weekly  chat,  volunteers  are  able  to  signpost  service  users  to  other  agencies  and  activities  in  their  area.\n',
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            [  {  _id:  '1073',
                    name:  'Silver  Talk  Volunteer',
                      'Are  you  good  at  listening?  Would  you  like  to  give  something  back  to  your  community?  Silver  Talk  is  a  FREE  telephone  befriending  service  which  give  people  the  opportunity  to  connect  for  regular  social  telephone  chats.  When  you  volunteer  with  Silver  Talk,  you  will  be  providing  valuable  friendship  and  support.  An  up  to  30  minute  call  from  Silver  Talk  can  make  an  incredible  difference  to  a  person’s  life,  but  it’s  only  with  your  help  that  we  can  continue  to  make  a  difference.',
                    created:  2020-07-17T11:04:03.417Z,
                    orgId:  '10092',
                      [  {  _id:  '0366e9bc-759a-4a85-b61b-9c1e875fb215',
                              name:  'Ferryhill'  },
                          {  _id:  '07a9ee5d-99bc-4c60-9bee-6f9ab9e05aa3',
                              name:  'Weardale'  },
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                              name:  'Bishop  Auckland'  },
                          {  _id:  '3c252b1f-64ba-4a78-80ce-eb1c1a85ed99',
                              name:  'Spennymoor'  },
                          {  _id:  '5ad6f3ab-1b0a-44ff-b970-e6f85ea9819c',
                              name:  'Sedgefield'  },
                          {  _id:  '5b2b5605-9529-47f4-ac1c-38047bbe19b9',
                              name:  'Peterlee'  },
                          {  _id:  '710b0919-db89-45b2-9090-119f234de243',  name:  'Seaham'  },
                          {  _id:  '82253aa4-1b3f-4ebb-84f9-03e9636d7d7e',  name:  'Consett'  },
                          {  _id:  'a3e08f6a-a827-4519-8f81-be886a5caa52',
                              name:  'Crook/Willington'  },
                          {  _id:  'a6875959-aadd-4224-b34b-6c8c0a3a2fc8',
                              name:  'Chester  le  Street'  },
                          {  _id:  'da6c2e8c-a707-4ed7-9611-5fcb033f9da7',
                              name:  'Teesdale'  },
                          {  _id:  'db2bec43-c298-4e80-bbeb-a5a51450975d',
                              name:  'Newton  Aycliffe'  },
                          {  _id:  'f4d2a5d6-487d-428d-89af-e519d70cf2fd',  name:  'Stanley'  },
                          {  _id:  'f7b8988a-2b62-4bce-b14b-537c98426724',
                              name:  'Volunteering  from  Home  '  },
                          {  _id:  'fb8f49ef-9a3a-40d6-bdac-f63a2590e544',
                              name:  'Durham  City'  },
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                      [  {  _id:  'b2c87d86-43ab-48b8-9ea0-83128e0fdee3',
                              name:  'Older  People',
                              backgroundImage:  '',
                              iconImage:  ''  },
                          {  _id:  'be9ba9af-568b-4721-953d-a0c28346c3a9',
                              name:  'Mentoring/Befriending',
                              backgroundImage:  '',
                              iconImage:  ''  },
                          [length]:  2  ],
                    active:  true,
                    contactPerson:  'Christine  Fletcher',
                    contactEmail:  '',
                    contactTelephone:  '0191  2238486',
                    address:  '',
                    hours:  '',
                    startDate:  2020-07-17T11:04:03.417Z,
                    endDate:  2022-08-17T00:00:00.000Z,
                      'This  is  what  we\'d  expect  from  you  as  a  Silver  Talk  volunteer  \n•\tMaking  time  for  a  30-minute  call  on  the  same  day  and  time  each  week.  \n•\tA  commitment  to  volunteering  with  us  for  a  minimum  of  six  months  \n•\tComplete  a  basic  DBS  check  before  starting  \n•\tWillingness  to  complete  initial,  and  ongoing  Silver  Talk  training  \n•\tAdhere  to  confidentiality  \n•\tKeep  brief  notes  of  your  call    \n•\tMaking  us  aware  if  you  or  your  telephone  service  user  needs  any  support  \n•\tLetting  us  know  promptly  if  you’re  unable  to  make  your  weekly  call  \n•\tAgreeing  to  our  Karbon  Homes’  volunteer  terms  and  conditions  ',
                      'At  Silver  Talk  we\'re  looking  for  people  who  have  the  following  key  skills:  \n•\tExcellent  listening  skills  \n•\tEnjoy  a  good  phone  call,  and  a  general  natter  \n•\tRespectful  \n•\tReliable  \n•\tPatient  \n•\tUnderstanding  \n•\tAbility  to  show  empathy  \n',
                      'The  location  of  the  role  is  flexible;  currently  due  to  the  coronavirus,  all  volunteers  are  doing  so  from  home.',
                      'This  is  what  you  can  expect  from  Karbon  Homes:\n\n•\tFull  training  on  how  to  complete  your  calls,  and  what  to  do  if  you  or  your  service  user  needs  support    \n•\tMonthly  contact  to  check  to  see  how  you  are  doing  \n•\tFully  pay  for  your  DBS  check  \n•\tMobile  phone  to  complete  your  calls,  so  you  don’t  need  your  own  device,  or  use  your  own  credit/  data.  \n•\tSupport  from  our  Foundations  for  Life  team  to  get  started  as  a  volunteer  if  you  require  it,  or  next  step  support  if  volunteering  is  the  start  of  your  journey.    \n•\tReference  provider  for  any  future/  additional  opportunities  you  wish  to  undertake  ',
                      'Karbon  is  a  large  organisation  that  is  focused  on  customers  and  communities.  You  would  be  volunteering  at  an  organisation  that  looks  after  customers,  staff  and  volunteers  and  would  benefit  from  the  support  an  organisation  of  our  size  can  provide.',
                      'The  role  is  for  volunteers  aged  18+.  It  can  be  delivered  from  home  with  access  to  the  internet  preferable.',
                    urlFragment:  'silver-talk-volunteer-1073'  },
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