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Spennymoor, Langley Park, Crook/Willington, Chester le Street, Meadowfield, Durham City

Namaste Care is an internationally recognised programme using sensory based techniques which provide comfort and support to people with dementia. It is not a medical treatment, the word Namaste expresses a wish to ‘honour the spirit within’ and describes a way of engaging positively and meaningfully in later stages of dementia.

The role of the Namaste Care Volunteer is to be ‘matched’ with a person with dementia living at home with their carer, to provide sensory based techniques which provide comfort and support.


• Looking through a memory box of familiar objects and pictures
• Completing Life Story Work with the person and their carer
• Reading a favourite book/poem
• Listening to favourite songs and pleasantly stimulating sounds
• Using favourite and seasonal fragrances
• Relaxing hand massage and hair brushing
• Demonstrating the techniques so that the carer can learn new ways of engaging and communicating with the person they care for.

Skills & Qualities

• To treat people as unique and promote their individuality
• Clear and sensitive communication skills
• Patience and empathy
• Reliable, dependable and enthusiastic
• Caring, sympathetic, sensitive and non- judgemental approach
• Respectful of confidential information
• Ability to recognise and volunteer within your own limitations and that of the role, asking for advice and help as needed.
• An interest in dementia and finding ways of communicating when verbal skills are diminished

When & Where?

• Volunteers should be available for a minimum of 6 months
• Two hours per week with one person with dementia and their carer, in their own home.

Training and Support Offered/Expenses

Full training will be provided, and volunteers will receive regular feedback sessions with the Namaste Coordinator.

We value our volunteers and want your experience to be both positive and fulfilling. We offer a comprehensive induction programme and any appropriate instruction, guidance or training to assist you in your volunteer role. We ask that any essential training is completed either prior to you starting with us or within three months of starting.

Any agreed out of pocket expenses that are incurred when carrying out your volunteer role will be reimbursed.

Volunteer Benefits

As a Namaste Care Volunteer, you could gain:
• Health care experience
• Experience in a palliative care environment
• The knowledge that you will be helping to make every day count for people affected by life-limiting illness

Other Information

As a volunteer you will be expected to comply with Hospice Policies and Procedures relevant to your role and to maintain confidentiality.

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Hours: Two hours per week Type: Hospices, Support Work, Older People, Mentoring/Befriending, Health & Social Care
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