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Embark on an exhilarating journey as a Gift Shop Volunteer with our Visitor Operations Team! If you are someone who loves retail, has a good eye for detail and enjoys interacting with customers, then this could be the volunteering opportunity for you!

As a gift shop volunteer, your warm personality and enthusiasm for our retail products will breathe life into our gift shops. In this role you will help with selling and upselling, stock replenishment and assist with creating captivating retail displays. Plus, you will have the opportunity to showcase our exciting new product launches throughout the year.

So, if you’re passionate about customer service, have a keen eye for detail and would like to contribute to the lively atmosphere of our Gift Shops, then why not join the team? We’d love to heave you on board!


Assist in the selling and upselling of Retail Products in the Gift Shop
Be knowledgeable and up to date about The Auckland Project’s visitor attractions Retail offers
Warmly greeting our visitors and responding to customer queries
Pointing visitors in the right direction, when required
Support in various retail activities including visual merchandising, stock replenishment, conducting stock takes and maintaining the overall presentation of the gift shop area is presentable, as outlined in the Retail Handbook.
Your support in these tasks ensures a welcoming and inviting atmosphere and visitor experience.
Help to ensure our guest’s safety and enjoyment, adhering to TAP’s Health and Safety guidelines
Assist in the evacuation of visitors during emergency situations

Skills & Qualities

No previous Retail / Gift Shop experience or qualifications are necessary for this fantastic opportunity to acquire new skills. We believe this role is perfect for individuals who:
Are 18 years plus
Possess excellent communication skills, and are adept at initiating conversations with people of all ages
· Radiate a welcoming, approachable and helpful demeanour
· Are proactive with a positive nature, an interest in providing an excellent visitor experience
· Enthusiastic and willing to learn about our Retail Offer
Are willing to learn about the stories behind the items in the Retail Offer to help inform our visitors and help them choose
· Reliable, well-presented, friendly and polite
· Comfortable collaborating as part of a team
• Are able to undertake the activity with and without supervision

We are excited to welcome people with some or all of these qualities to the team.

When & Where?

The Auckland Project Bishop Auckland areas to cover are Auckland Castle/ The Mining Art Gallery/Spanish Gallery a rota system will ensure a varied experience in all venues.
We prefer individuals who can commit to at least one weekly shift, but we are open to discussing your availability and finding a suitable arrangement.

Our Visitor Attractions are open Wed – Sunday (including Bank Holiday Mondays)

Training and Support Offered/Expenses

Don’t worry we’ve got you, with a warm welcome and some great training:

You’ll start your volunteer journey with a warm, friendly welcome session. Our fantastic Visitor Operations team members will be there to act as your guides and introduce you to everything that you will need to know and ensure that you are comfortable at each part of the process.

You won’t be flying solo! An experienced buddy will be right there with you, making sure you have what you need to understand the role.

Need a hand? Our amazing supervisors are on standby to lend a hand and provide the support you need.
But wait, there’s more! We’ve got bespoke Retail Till training and briefing notes to make learning a breeze. We are all about setting you up for a success on this journey.

The Auckland Project is unable to reimburse travel expenses.

Volunteer Benefits

Your volunteering will be a big deal, you will be helping make Bishop Auckland even better. Here’s what we need from you, simple and clear:
Be on time and reliable, show up for your shift ready to go.
Dress the part – just follow our advice on what to wear.
· Be buddies with everyone – staff, volunteers and visitors. We are all in this together!
· Learn the ropes – take the training we offer, and join meetings when they happen.
· Spread the positivity – you are our ambassador, keep it upbeat.
Confident and/ or willing to use Ticketing EPOS (tills)
· Safety first – know what to do in case of fire or emergency.
· Stick to the rules – our policies and procedures are our team playbook, let’s play by them
Here’s what you can expect from this fantastic opportunity – clear and important:
· A warm and delightful experience for you and our visitors
· The chance to learn and develop fresh skills and experiences; fine tune your excellent customer service skills
· Fair respect and treatment – you’re a valued part of the team!
Joining a team that’s not just motivated but also friendly and dedicated.
· We see and appreciate the difference you make – recognition and gratitude are part of the deal.
· Meeting a diverse range of people, making connections and forging new friendships.
· Personal satisfaction that you have truly enhanced our visitors’ experience.
· Valuable work experience, especially if you have an eye to a future in Retail
· A CV and job application boost – real, hands-on experience to set you apart.

Other Information

Volunteers are issued with an annual pass to our visitor attractions within Bishop Auckland. Regrettably we can not reimburse travel expenses at this time.

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Hours: We would prefer people who can commit to at least once a week, but this is a suggestion and we are happy to discuss this further with you. Type: Museums/Heritage, Retail, Tourism

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