Pioneering Care Partnership

The Pioneering Care Centre is a new 'one stop shop' resource centre in Newton Aycliffe, which houses a diverse range of services and facilities under one roof.

The centre serves both the people of Sedgefield Borough and the wider population of County Durham, Darlington and beyond. No referral is necessary to use services.

Pioneering Care Partnership
Recognition of Quality Volunteer Experience

Active opportunities

Volunteer Cancer Awareness Champion

Ferryhill   Weardale   Bishop Auckland   Spennymoor   Sedgefield   Peterlee   Seaham   Consett   Crook/Willington   Chester le Street   Teesdale   Newton Aycliffe   Stanley   Volunteering from Home   Durham City  
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      {  _id:  '10144',
          name:  'Pioneering  Care  Partnership',
          email:  '',
          type:  '',
          telephone:  '01325  321234',
          contactPerson:  'Daniel  Fletcher',
          website:  '',
            'The  Pioneering  Care  Centre  is  a  new  \'one  stop  shop\'  resource  centre  in  Newton  Aycliffe,  which  houses  a  diverse  range  of  services  and  facilities  under  one  roof.\n\nThe  centre  serves  both  the  people  of  Sedgefield  Borough  and  the  wider  population  of  County  Durham,  Darlington  and  beyond.  No  referral  is  necessary  to  use  services.\n',
          urlFragment:  'pioneering-care-partnership-10144',
          hasKiteMark:  true,
            [  {  _id:  '1169',
                    name:  'Volunteer  Cancer  Awareness  Champion',
                      'The  cancer  awareness  champion  will  contribute  to  tackling  cancer  related  inequalities  by  supporting  cancer  awareness  workers,  development  of  targeted  /  focussed  community  population  to  improve  symptom  awareness  and  reduce  barriers  to  cancer  screening  and  improve  uptake  and  support  on  early  diagnosis.',
                    created:  2021-07-22T15:35:18.295Z,
                    orgId:  '10144',
                      [  {  _id:  '0366e9bc-759a-4a85-b61b-9c1e875fb215',
                              name:  'Ferryhill'  },
                          {  _id:  '07a9ee5d-99bc-4c60-9bee-6f9ab9e05aa3',
                              name:  'Weardale'  },
                          {  _id:  '1814ac6c-5538-48e4-b7d2-daa59dbcde46',
                              name:  'Bishop  Auckland'  },
                          {  _id:  '3c252b1f-64ba-4a78-80ce-eb1c1a85ed99',
                              name:  'Spennymoor'  },
                          {  _id:  '5ad6f3ab-1b0a-44ff-b970-e6f85ea9819c',
                              name:  'Sedgefield'  },
                          {  _id:  '5b2b5605-9529-47f4-ac1c-38047bbe19b9',
                              name:  'Peterlee'  },
                          {  _id:  '710b0919-db89-45b2-9090-119f234de243',  name:  'Seaham'  },
                          {  _id:  '82253aa4-1b3f-4ebb-84f9-03e9636d7d7e',  name:  'Consett'  },
                          {  _id:  'a3e08f6a-a827-4519-8f81-be886a5caa52',
                              name:  'Crook/Willington'  },
                          {  _id:  'a6875959-aadd-4224-b34b-6c8c0a3a2fc8',
                              name:  'Chester  le  Street'  },
                          {  _id:  'da6c2e8c-a707-4ed7-9611-5fcb033f9da7',
                              name:  'Teesdale'  },
                          {  _id:  'db2bec43-c298-4e80-bbeb-a5a51450975d',
                              name:  'Newton  Aycliffe'  },
                          {  _id:  'f4d2a5d6-487d-428d-89af-e519d70cf2fd',  name:  'Stanley'  },
                          {  _id:  'f7b8988a-2b62-4bce-b14b-537c98426724',
                              name:  'Volunteering  from  Home  '  },
                          {  _id:  'fb8f49ef-9a3a-40d6-bdac-f63a2590e544',
                              name:  'Durham  City'  },
                          [length]:  15  ],
                      [  {  _id:  'dc56b74f-c662-42bc-af4e-246243d7eac0',
                              name:  'Health  &  Social  Care',
                              backgroundImage:  '',
                              iconImage:  ''  },
                          [length]:  1  ],
                    active:  true,
                    contactPerson:  'Karen  Stubbings',
                    contactEmail:  '',
                    contactTelephone:  '07885463917',
                    address:  '',
                    hours:  '',
                    startDate:  2021-07-22T15:35:18.295Z,
                    endDate:  2022-07-22T00:00:00.000Z,
                      '•\tWork  alongside  the  cancer  awareness  worker.\n•\tActively  engage  with  and  promote  the  national  symptom  awareness  &  cancer  awareness  annual  calendar.\n•\tHelp  with  booking  in  awareness  events,  information  stands/  days  within  your  local  area.\n•\tShare  the  workshop  diaries  and  help  to  deliver  sessions.\n•\tProvide  support  to  individuals  with  concerns.\n•\tTailor  support  to  suit  the  needs  of  local  groups.\n•\tIncrease  public  confidence  in  signs  and  symptoms.\n•\tTo  provide  advice  and  refer,  according  to  specific  needs.\n•\tTo  listen  sympathetically  to  concerns  and  to  work  out  solutions  for  the  issues.\n•\tHave  some  knowledge  of  media,  facebook,  twitter  and  Instagram.\n•\tBe  available  to  attend  training  sessions  online  or  face  to  face  when  possible.\n',
                      '•\tGood  communicating  and  listening  skills  \n•\tHave  some  knowledge  of  cancer  and  your  local  area.\n•\tA  friendly  approach  manner  with  an  ability  to  encourage  &  motivate  \n•\tFlexible  to  assist  with  evening  and  weekend  work  \n•\tMay  need  to  be  physically  fit  to  stand  all  day  at  events  or  distribute  leaflets.\n•\tHave  the  confidence  to  engage  with  people.\n',
                      'The  Cancer  Awareness  Team  work  5  days  per  week  with  some  evening  and  weekend  work.\n\nThe  working  hours  are  flexible  to  what  you  want  to  dedicate.',
                    supportOfferedExpenses:  '',
                    volunteerBenefits:  '',
                    otherInfo:  '',
                    urlFragment:  'volunteer-cancer-awareness-champion-1169'  },
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