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Volunteering from Home

Do you care about the climate emergency and other global environmental issues? Would you like to take action on these issues in your local area? Are you interested in communicating about these topics with your MP? Then Greenpeace’s Political Lobbying Network could be for you!

Political Lobbying Network volunteers are passionate and determined people who lobby their local politicians, talking to them about Greenpeace's campaigns and the solutions Greenpeace advocates.

They keep in contact with their MPs via letters, emails or social media, and meet them online or in person if there’s something really important to discuss. It’s about effective and persuasive communication, as well as building relationships with MPs and other politicians to make sure urgent environmental issues are on their agendas.

Lobbying at a local level has an impact on national and even global issues, as MPs care about what their constituents think! Lots of environment policy decisions have happened following the Network lobbying their representatives, including Net Zero legislation, Government support for oceans protection and the end of sales of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030.

You don’t need to know lots about how politics or parliament works, or be able to recite stats on carbon emissions. You just need to care about tackling the climate crisis, and be willing to talk to decision-makers about why this matters to you and where you live. Greenpeace provides training and support to help you put your passion into action.


• Attending training about Greenpeace, our campaigns, and how to lobby your representatives, online and where possible, face-to-face
• Getting in touch with your representatives about Greenpeace’s campaigns, and the climate crisis, via email, letter, social media, face-to-face/online meetings, at local events
• Using our online community platform, Greenwire, to stay in touch with other members of the Network
• Providing feedback about the contact you have with your representatives to Greenpeace staff and volunteers
• Inviting your representatives to Greenpeace Local Group events and representing your constituency there

Skills & Qualities

• Interested in lobbying on global issues in your local area
• Living in the UK/ have an address in the UK
• 18 or over
• Greenpeace is committed to being independent and non-partisan, which unfortunately means you can’t join the Network if you’re an elected representative of an area, such as a local councillor.
• Willing to attend training (online/face-to-face)
• Willing to try and meet with your MP at least twice a year (covid permitting)
• Able to give about 5 hours per month to the role, although the time commitment will vary
• Willing to abide by Greenpeace’s Code of Conduct

When & Where?

- Mainly from home
- Opportunity to attend training and to meet with other volunteers in the area

Training and Support Offered/Expenses

- Online training and webinars
- Face-to-face training days held in London and other cities
- Expenses reimbursed for attending training sessions

Volunteer Benefits

• Opportunity to campaign on global climate issues where you live
• Experience campaigning with a global NGO
• Insight and training in political, campaigning and community organising strategies
• This is a role you can do reasonably flexibly and mainly from home, but also opportunities to meet others interested in the same topics in your area.

Other Information

- This a role people can do from home
- To join the Network, please create an account on Greenpeace’s volunteering platform, Greenwire https://greenwire.greenpeace.org.uk/ and then search for and join the Political Lobbying Network Group. You’ll be sent the full role description, training and more info.
- Or read more on our website first at https://www.greenpeace.org.uk/volunteering/join-the-political-lobbying-network/

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Hours: Approx 5 per month Type: Campaigning/Lobbying, Climate Change, Politics, Conservation/Environment

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