Church ambassador

Volunteering from Home

Our Church Ambassadors are our face and contact with
the local Church. We are a Christian mission relying
entirely on the goodness, leading, and provision of God,
and we need His Church to stand with us.
Our Church Ambassadors encourage their Church to pray
by distributing the Prayer Diary or arranging prayer
events. They also arrange Coffee Mornings to raise funds
and promote the work. They ask for TWAM to be
mentioned in notices or chosen for special collections.
Overall, the Church Ambassadors keep TWAM close to
the heart of the congregation.


Church Ambassadors play a vital role in the
local church on behalf of TWAM. They inform
the church of our mission and plans, such as
opening new centres and introducing new
support countries.
They encourage prayer and distribute TWAM
News and our Prayer Diary. They ask the
church to consider TWAM for Harvest and
other special offerings and invite Community
Ambassadors to speak at the church.
Church Ambassadors can organise local tool
collections and work with our Tool
Ambassadors and Community Ambassadors
to bring the local church into the heart of all
we do.

Skills & Qualities

You will be committed to serving your local Church and
wanting to share the work and heart of TWAM for
prayer and support.
You will be involved in your local Church and,
therefore, somebody who will be listened to when
leaders and members choose the charities the Church
will support.

When & Where?

In your local Church.
It’s really up to you and how much you
are willing and able to do. We would
ask that you regularly try and promote
TWAM to your local Church through
events, handouts, and notices.

Training and Support Offered/Expenses
Volunteer Benefits

You’ll be central to the ‘Kingdom Building’ ministry of
TWAM in the UK and overseas. You will see people in
your own Church engaging with TWAM and praying and
supporting us. Lives will be changed in Jesus’ name
because of your support.

Other Information
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Type: Advice & Guidance, Faith/Religion

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