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Auckland Castle: - Home to the Prince Bishops. It used to be that the power of the Prince Bishops of Durham, was second only to the English monarchy. Commissioned to defend that monarchy, the Bishops were placed strategically close to the border between England and Scotland –Auckland Castle was a home to match their status. These men were so powerful that they could raise their own armies and mint their own coins. It’s no surprise then that they enjoyed Auckland Castle and its lush surroundings as their countryside estate, when the pressures of London, York and Durham became too much. While their role has changed with the passage of time, the Bishop of Durham still has influence throughout the modern world.

We are looking forward to taking volunteers on their own journey of development, enabling and supporting them to help our visitors discover new, amazing, and fun aspects of the stories of the Castle we are telling. 

Engaging with people through considered, clear, relevant inspirational in-person interpretation, we aim to provide an accessible experience that makes the castle history meaningful and relevant for visitors today.  

From the medieval beginnings to our current care of the building, there is a wealth of content for you to share with our visitors and help them to discover a connection with Auckland Castle


Engager Duty –

Welcoming visitors within multiple spaces of Auckland Castle, offering a genuinely friendly welcome, with a smile, eye contact and open body language

Offering visitors an appropriate level of accurate and relevant information to support visitors in discovering their own responses to the stories presented.

Helping orientate visitors, ensuring safe passage of visitors and ‘signposting’, as and when appropriate, other TAP venues and ventures.

Invigilator Duty -

Invigilating - ensuring that the security of the spaces, artefacts and works of art are not compromised.

Both aspects of the role will include -

Being observant –informing the Team Leader/Duty Manager immediately in the event of damage to the building or to any artwork, in the instance of any health and safety or security issues arising, and of any other emergencies that may occur

Ensuring that the rules and requirements are understood and followed

Communicating with colleagues to ensure safety of the rooms, artefacts and works of art and visitors

Adhering to health and safety regulations, being aware of disability and access requirements, and assisting the public in evacuation situations in accordance with a thorough knowledge of evacuation procedures (training provided).

Helping manage any social distancing or sanitising requirements  

Assisting to ensure Auckland Castle is presentable to our visitors

Being an ambassador/advocate of TAP

Skills & Qualities

Is over 17

Is diligent, trustworthy, and responsible

Has a can-do attitude, ensuring people engage with us now and in the future

Is a punctual time keeper, and is willing to undertake, understand and relish training and briefing sessions

Has customer/guest/visitor care experience, or can demonstrate that they have the attributes – the ability to share interest in the experience, and the visitor’s enjoyment of it

Is able and willing to follow instructions 

Is Health & Safety conscious 

Is keen to show they are a good team player and communicator

Is pleasant and presentable  

Is open-minded and willing to acknowledge and embrace an individual's right to space and opinions 

When & Where?

Having a flexible approach to time management is key.  We would prefer people who can commit to at least once a week, but this is a suggestion and we are happy to discuss this further with you

Training and Support Offered/Expenses

You will be asked to provide and wear appropriate clothing and footwear; Dress code will be advised. The Auckland Project is unable to reimburse travel expenses.

Volunteer Benefits

It's an exciting time! Your volunteering will be directly contributing to the regeneration of Bishop Auckland.

In joining our community of custodians, you should find that every time you volunteer, you will be setting off on an adventure, where you can achieve a sense of wellbeing, which may well include: -

feeling good, smiling lots, finding or enhancing skills, meeting new people, achieving a sense of purpose and having fun. It may well be an opportunity to rediscover/discover you.

There will be core training, and the opportunity to find out more about the Auckland Castle History, the stories we want to tell and the objects and art used to tell them and the key messages that TAP seeks to present.

What’s in it for me?

The chance to do something different

Experience, challenge, a development and ‘CV-building’ opportunity – ‘a chance to grow’


What’s in it for the Auckland Project?

Enthusiastic, informed, kind, responsible people – ‘The Right Stuff’! – representing Auckland Castle and its history

Care of Auckland Castle, its exhibits, and our visitors

What’s in it for the visitor?

An experience enhanced by amazing volunteers - so time with us gives great memories

Other Information

volunteers with The Auckland Project (TAP ) have access during opening times to the Visitor attractions, Auckland Castle, Spanish gallery, Mining Art Gallery in order to understand these visitor attractions and act as an ambassador for TAP as part of being a volunteer.

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